qr code as art for good

Every marketing agency is pushing QR codes on their clients so that they feel all cutting edge "digital", but we all know that consumers are largely ignoring them for now.

But every once in a while, someone pushes what's been done before, and actually gives you a reason to scan a QR code. Such is the case with Help Japan Now, for the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Here's a QR code that you'd proudly wear on a t-shirt. Here's a QR code that is beautiful. Artful. Engaging. And purposeful. Yay, QR.

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Anonymous said...

Integrating the QR code into a design at both the macro and micro level (seems like a "where's Waldo?" game) is a great example of how to extend this technology.

Leveraging the QR capability to capture the imagination is where it begins to extend beyond the techno elite.

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