kill your inbox

Are you the victim of "reply all" abuse? Tired of pouring through dozens of pointless "thank you" and "no problem" emails? Cringe every time that little dreaded number counter on your email increases? Then this absolutely genius app is for you.

Created by Baydin,The Email Game app turns blowing through your emails fun by rewarding points for deleting, filing, and responding to emails. And, the faster you do it, the more points you earn. It even deducts points if you take too long to write a response... man I could so use that!

So what if the points mean crap? The real prize is you get the pleasure of clearing your inbox and deflecting follow-ups on to some other sucker. Go ahead, reply all, you got this.


tj sondermann said...

Though it's easy to see why, Merlin is not involved with this project.

Kristien Del Ferraro said...

Doah! Misread the FastCo. post. Fixed! Thanks! : )

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