Google, in your face

With Google Goggles, iphoto's face recognition, and the like, it's amazing that a face scanning mobile app that lets you snap a picture of anyone and access search results for them, their social networks, etc. hasn't been created yet. Well, apparently Google's been working on it for years, and has had the technology ready for a while now.

So why hasn't it launched you ask? Privacy, of course! The thought of strangers passing in the street, able to access your personal info just by snapping a pict all incognito like apparently freaks out a lot of people. Go figure! So to address these concerns, it's likely Google will launch with opt-in only.

The benefits of this could also be endless, like putting an end to business cards forever, connecting with new friends in an instant, learning about the history of people you meet in the business world in seconds...

So, would you opt-in?


Anonymous said...

no, because (tin-foil hat time) google is a secret arm of the government. it would be like letting microsoft put a camera in your living room... oh wait, they do that already with kinect.


Audio Mendoza said...

Happy Fool's Day!

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