don't get caught slacking off

Sometimes exercise can be fun and satisfying but other times, it's just plain work when you'd rather be laying on your couch, watching TV in a food coma after eating something with bacon in it. But hey, who the heck will know if we skip one (or five) workouts this week, right?

Well, Reebok has come up with a way to make sure all your Facebook and Twitter friends will know about it and ridicule you for your laziness... err, or encourage you to "go for it" in a totally non judgmental way. Whichever it is, their just announced "Promise Keeper" mobile app is pretty awesome.

Just schedule your runs or walks on the calendar and the app will push it out to your social networks. Once you've gone on your run/walk it will track your results and give you the option to post those too. But, skip your scheduled run/walk, and it will post it on your social networks for all to see.

They say peer support is one of the top reasons for success on a diet or exercise plan, so if you don't mind the heckling when you skip a run for poker night, then this app is for you.

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