buy attention like ad placements

We all know those people on Facebook, Twitter, dating sites, etc. that are incredibly attention needy, so you have to wonder, how far will some people go for attention? Well, Andrey Andreev, created an entire dating/hookup/sex social network called Badoo banking on the idea that people would actually pay for that said attention. And they are.

Badoo has been around for a few years now, with 114 million+ members mostly in Europe, but it's starting to get some attention in the U.S. as Andreev has finally gone public in explaining and promoting his creation. Basically, if a member wants to get noticed they pay fees (similar to how you would buy online advertising or search) for their profile to be featured on potential mate's pages, search results, even all pages for a day... you're very own site takeover if you will. And now, they even have a mobile app that allows you to see other members in a specific radius of where you are for a spontaneous "adventure." Check out all the details at Wired UK.

So, what do you think? Brilliant? Gross? Sad? All of the above?

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