You are now in a relationship

Guys, do you feel bitter when Facebook friends meet that special girl and all of a sudden their new relationship status pops up on your wall along with a barrage of pictures flaunting their newly found arm candy?

Don't be a hata, go get yourself your own hottie. But instead of months of tedious online dating, 20 generic "what's your favorite color" conversations, and a series of overpriced dinners , just create your new girlfriend with this ridiculous new application called Cloud Girlfriend.

In 3 easy steps your dream girl will be posting love notes to your wall and tweeting at you. All the conveniences of a modern relationship without the hassle of things like intimate conversations, shared life experiences, or sex. Hmm, sounds awesome.

And as if this weren't creepy enough, supposedly demands are so high there's a waiting list. Um yeah, do you smell internet hoax?

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