why aren't the netflix envelopes square?

Ever wonder why the Netflix envelopes aren't square? Why they have that extra little floppy section that makes them an uncomfortable rectangle?

Thanks to Quora, we have the answer to this great life mystery.

It all comes back to the U.S. Postal regulations, and the fees they charge for different size packages.

Changing the envelope to a square might satisfy some design and marketing geeks, but it would cost the company an estimated hundreds of millions of dollars in postage. Share this factoid at your next cocktail party, and the girls will think you're totally hot.

(Soon, we'll all be streaming, anyway, right?) From @coryobrien

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Anonymous said...

> (Soon, we'll all be streaming, anyway, right?)

Soon most of us may be streaming, but it will be a long, long while before streaming eliminates the DVD portion of the Netflix service.

As the ISPs start instituting bandwidths caps (in order to take a cut of the steadily increasing streaming revenue), the DVDs will begin to look like a better alternative.

The question is, will the content providers kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, or will they wake up in time and get with the desires of their customers?

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