this is a book review for enchantment

We get a lot of requests for book reviews on Brand Flakes for Breakfast, and the sad truth is that we're so busy on the internet, that we don't have much time for reading things printed on paper.

But every once in a while, there's a book that gets published that merits our special attention. Enchantment is just such a book. What follows is an official Brand Flakes review of the book...that we didn't read. (Sorry, Guy - but thanks for sending a copy!)

We've found five reasons that you should buy this book today:

Reason #1:
Guy Kawasaki. He's seriously one of the smartest dudes on the internet. And he's one of the most influential VC's in the business. (VC - you know, the dudes with the money.) You should want to read anything and everything that he publishes, on this alone. (We've met him before, and he's seriously awesome.)

Reason #2:
There's pictures. We're creative people, and we can easily be intimidated or get lost in a fat book that doesn't have any pictures in it. Pictures help tell a story, show proof of action, and make us feel happy.

Reason #3:
Great layout. This book doesn't look boring to read. It appears to be well organized, with clean typography and bullets, and graphs, and content that's engaging and easy to absorb. It almost looks like a book that you might read with a highlighter.

Reason #4:
Tweets. There are tweets in this book. 'Nuff said.

Think this is a load of crap? I'm buying a copy of Enchantment for the iPad, so that I can read it on the way to SXSW later this week. For real. Thanks, Guy!


Susan said...

Just heard him speak in Toronto on Monday at The Art of Marketing conference. Amazing! Currently in the process of finishing his book. It is written as though he's speaking to me :)

Love reasons to get the book!

Some photos of Guy from the event in Toronto:

darryl ohrt said...

I read the iPad version of the book while at SXSW (or traveling to and from), and it rocked. Definitely recommend to BFFB BFF's!

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