text your friends in groups

At every SXSW conference, the world comes looking for "the next big thing". After Twitter blew up at the geek festival in 2007, everyone expects the next massive success story to be born in Austin. And every year, plenty of brands come to Texas with dreams of being that big deal.

We're not sure that there is (or needs to be) a single winning thing coming out of SXSW, but we did leave the conference with an awesome impression of a useful, fun, tool: Group.me

GroupMe allows you to setup multiple groups that you can then text message, send photos, or pull together conference calls with. We used the tool at SXSW to pull together internet friends from around the globe, and found it indispensable. We'll use it again in our personal and business lives.

Need to keep everyone on a project (but in the field) up to date? Family at the amusement park? Friends meeting at the outdoor music festival? Group.me has countless real world uses, that are practical and fun. And when it blows up in a few months, you can tell everyone that you heard about it at SXSW, from your friends at Humongo.
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