men, consider yourself warned

Alright guys, listen up. If you're single and you get picked up on a dating site by a cute girl that seems to good to be true and she's being pushy asking you to meet her in NYC on May 13, I'm here to tell you she's messing with your head. Yeah, I got you're back like that.

It's all an intricate plot called the Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob created by a bunch of 4chan users. Basically, they're asking people to create fake dating profiles on OkCupid and then try to form a bond with a guy enough that he'll come meet you at a specific spot in NYC on May 13. Then on May 13 they're going to capture, on a live webcam, all these poor dudes reactions when they find out it's a hoax.

I can't decide if this is horribly mean, pathetically sad, or hysterically funny, but either way I have to wonder, if this becomes viral like they're hoping, won't the gig pretty much be up?

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