long ads are the new black. again.

Ben Kunz points out that when you're targeting the right audience, and delivering the right message, that even a two minute long ad after the program is effective. And maybe even more than a fifteen second pre-roll ad.

That's exactly what's happening with some of the TED videos. As a part of their Ads Worth Spreading program, they're placing well-produced marketing shorts at the end of their TED talks. It's an initiative that looks to put an end to online ads being aggressively pushed on users, and to foster the production of marketing that people want to watch.

Kind of sounds like the early days of the internet, before all of the big agencies came to the party, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I watch the TED videos on my TiVo (it's part of the TiVo video on demand "push" capability). I also get a lot of NASA videos, but that's a different topic...

Anyway, I do find myself watching the ads at the end of most TED videos because they are not your usual brain-dead ads with blasting volume. The ads are engaging and informative.

If only more advertisements could be like that.

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