is your city honest enough for honest tea?

This campaign for Honest Tea is so perfectly crafted for their brand, that it could almost become a part of their retail formula.

Put tea on the streets, and ask people to pay for it, based on the honor system. Most people did. Yay, humanity.


BritZab said...

yeeees one of Interference & SS+K's campaigns finally makes it onto Brand Flakes For Breakfast! W00T!
In other news I <3 your thanks for that..

Steve said...

Cool story. Radiohead did this same thing a few years ago, releasing their album for download for whatever price fans wanted to pay. There is a lot of debate over what actually happened. Some people claim most people paid close to retail price, but others claim that a huge percentage paid nothing at all. Either way, it was a cool experiment that got Radiohead tremendous press coverage!

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