if endangered animals could tweet

Whether you're a cause trying to raise funds, get a petition signed, or simply just trying to spread awareness, social media can play a huge role in making your efforts a success.

Realizing this, when the good people at Earthjustice signed on to petition for protecting the Endangered Species Act, they decided to use social media as a way to bring to life the adorable, but sad animals that would fall victim if the ESA and other environmental laws were tampered with.

The Save Our Skins (SOS) program lets you watch cute little videos from the perspective of a gray wolf, salmon, and polar bear, as well as follow each of them on Twitter to hear about their daily trials and tribulations, in a cute, cheeky sort of way. The end goal of the program is to get 37,000 letters into the hands of Congress in hopes of keeping the act in tact.

The good news is, they're almost at their goal with about 29,000 letters. Just more proof that even with the most serious of subject matter, a little humanism and light-heartedness can make a big difference in helping people to relate and act.

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