hardcore history goes viral, gets shut down

Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler created this campaign for museums as a student project. The campaign features a look at history in a new way: hardcore history. The ads are nothing short of pure awesome, and it's no wonder that the work has gone viral.

Here's the side story: Jenny created the concept for the Smithsonian Museum, as a student project. She posted the work on her site, and it went viral. And that's when the Smithsonian got wind of the work, and asked her to remove their logo from the ads.

Did the Smithsonian miss out on an opportunity, here? People are tweeting about the work, blogging about the campaign, and it's taken off on the internet, unlike any actual campaign by the Smithsonian.

Protecting trademarks, copyrights and brands can be a tricky business, but sometimes a little flexibility (or a willingness to see a different path) might open up new opportunities. Something to think about before your lawyer sends the next cease and desist letter...Thanks, Casey!

1 comment:

Rishi said...

I can't believe it got shut down. *Shakes head *

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