direct mail + spam = win for montblanc

Think great direct mail campaigns are gone? Check out this new promotion for MontBlanc pens.

I received the mysterious letter above in a handwritten envelope marked "airmail" on the outside. Upon opening, I read the first line "I am Barister Buba, nephew of the former President of Nigeria..." You know how the rest of the letter went, as you've received countless emails with the same text.

My first reaction was to shout out to workmates "OMG, check out this Nigerian spam I just the mail." And then I noticed a hand-written P.S. at the bottom of the letter:

Let's face it, even a letter from an obvious fraudster seems quite authentic when it's beautifully written by hand. Montblanc - Rediscover the power of the written word.

Awesome. On paper. With pen. Beautiful.


Michael from Tri-Win said...

It's true. Direct Mail has been around so long that it carries its own authority with it. Email or social network advertising just doesn't have the same authenticity.

Cynthia said...

Wow, I wish I received this direct mail package so I could have blogged about it. I think pens and paper are going the marketing route that newspapers had to go a while back - they have to drum up more interest for their products in an increasingly electronic media age. Bic is doing it online with their promotions. I wonder if colored pencils and pastels and clay and oil paint makers are going to have to do the same thing one day?

Tamanna Farhana said...

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