the customer experience begins in the parking lot

Some will say that we've gone too far. We've run out of places to put ads, and now we're putting them on the ground, in parking lots.

But Parking Line Ads presents a unique opportunity for brands and companies to make a unique impression as they get out of their cars.

Why not deliver an entertaining, fun message to customers right before they enter your building? This could be a cool opportunity to bring them in the door smiling. Thanks, Casey!


Nick said...

So here's the thing about utilizing new media for ads. It's unexpected, it's novel, and just as quickly as an internet meme it'll lose it's ability to create action. If the goal is a single incremental visit from customers that are non-loyal, then maybe this works. I cannot imagine the brief has that language in it.

Too often people go looking for what they can slap a logo on and call it marketing. Truthfully, this is today's version of signage and streamers. And it's just as corny.

Jen said...

Speaking of marketing in parking lots! Check this out

Genius way of marketing in parking lots!

Picture an ad wrap around a Poletector....Coke can, Pepsi can, Campells Soup can, paper towel roll, it's endless!

Andy Hanselman said...

Greetings from Great Britain! The customer experience certainly does start in the parking lot! It's even better when it's 'personalised'! Here's a great example of a 'personalised' experience when I took my mum to see her financial advisor!

Proposal Software said...

The idea to use parking lines is excellent. I never thought about it. If i am there physically ill definitely visit the shops promoting themselves this way. This is an initiative that only a few companies take.

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