let's go buy flying robots for the office, ok?

Imagine what you could do if you had multiple flying robotic copters, some balls, and an expert robot flying copter driver?

This is what it looks like when engineers have fun. You should totally try this later today over the cubicles in your office.

If this was nyc...

Here's a fun view of New York City told through the eyes of a former New Yorker now living on the west coast.

If you've spent anytime at all in NYC, you know that everything is a little bit different than the rest of the world. If this was New York City captures that experience with a daily post in glorifying and horrifying detail.

This is begging to be a coffee table book. Because U <3 NY.

six directors meet in a hotel...

The Hotel Casa Camper in Barcelona has created a fun promotional campaign. They invited six film directors to each produce their own film in the hotel.

They were each given 24 hours to shoot their work, and they were all in the hotel at the same time. Other than that, they had complete creative control over their product.

What results are six interesting stories put together in one short film, and a ton of content promoting the hotel. Everyone wins.

teachers skyping teachers now multiplied

Skype has just officially launched what's been in beta for a while - Skype in the classroom. They've built a social network of teachers from across the globe that can share, learn, and connect with each other.

They've already got 4000 teachers across 99 countries using the network, so now teachers are finally as connected as their students have been with each other since they were born. Yaay, internet.

bizarre stock photography

There's stock photography, and then there's stock photography. Here's a collection of 60 completely odd and arguably unusable stock shots, just waiting for action.

Dare you to use them all in your website. Or that PowerPoint deck you're working on.

is calvin klein effing with us again?

Calvin Klein has consistently generated controversy with their Houston Street billboard in NYC for as long as anyone can remember.

So it's no surprise that people are now in "an uproar" over a new ad, that if you squint just right and imagine everything just so, says "fuck" in it. Seems like manufactured controversy, but it's working. And people are talking, tweeting and blogging about it. Calvin wins.

fun in slo mo

Here's what you can do if you get a bunch of your friends to do stuff in slow motion, and then speed it up to normal speed on playback. Cool video ensues.

And that's how you promote the new Samsung Galaxy Ace, slowly.

lick the rainbow

This ad for Skittles is interactive in a whole new finger licking good way.

Proof that great ideas will beat QR codes, tools or tricks any day. Finger licking awesome. From @caff

if endangered animals could tweet

Whether you're a cause trying to raise funds, get a petition signed, or simply just trying to spread awareness, social media can play a huge role in making your efforts a success.

Realizing this, when the good people at Earthjustice signed on to petition for protecting the Endangered Species Act, they decided to use social media as a way to bring to life the adorable, but sad animals that would fall victim if the ESA and other environmental laws were tampered with.

The Save Our Skins (SOS) program lets you watch cute little videos from the perspective of a gray wolf, salmon, and polar bear, as well as follow each of them on Twitter to hear about their daily trials and tribulations, in a cute, cheeky sort of way. The end goal of the program is to get 37,000 letters into the hands of Congress in hopes of keeping the act in tact.

The good news is, they're almost at their goal with about 29,000 letters. Just more proof that even with the most serious of subject matter, a little humanism and light-heartedness can make a big difference in helping people to relate and act.

You are now in a relationship

Guys, do you feel bitter when Facebook friends meet that special girl and all of a sudden their new relationship status pops up on your wall along with a barrage of pictures flaunting their newly found arm candy?

Don't be a hata, go get yourself your own hottie. But instead of months of tedious online dating, 20 generic "what's your favorite color" conversations, and a series of overpriced dinners , just create your new girlfriend with this ridiculous new application called Cloud Girlfriend.

In 3 easy steps your dream girl will be posting love notes to your wall and tweeting at you. All the conveniences of a modern relationship without the hassle of things like intimate conversations, shared life experiences, or sex. Hmm, sounds awesome.

And as if this weren't creepy enough, supposedly demands are so high there's a waiting list. Um yeah, do you smell internet hoax?

band posters: where every great designer get their start

Brand Flakes best buddies BFG Communications and the Savannah College of Art & Design and the Savannah Record Fair of gotten together what looks to be a super fun bitchin' weekend of music, art, intellect and general awesomeness.

The BandWagon event centers around a poster contest and art sale, where designers can submit their own designs for the event's poster. But it doesn't stop there. There's a whole weekend of geeky, arty party stuff planned, proving once again that cool stuff does happen outside of NYC, LA and SF.

Savannah rocks.

food trucks: delivering the taste of tv

We've posted before about the outstanding marketing program launching Game of Thrones, a new series on HBO.

Now they're taking it to the streets, literally - with a chef designed menu and a truck of food inspired entirely by the flavor of the show, created by agency Campfire. Because only a food truck could take you to the food of the Seven Kingdoms. Wow. Tasty.

water n' poo: a lesson in small business marketing

You might think that delivering a message about nutrient management on a locally owned farm business would lead to a pretty boring message. Well, you haven't met Gilmer Dairy.

Their educational video details exactly how their farm deals with nutrient management, in a cute little ditty called Water n' Poo.

Proof you don't need big agencies or budgets to connect with your customers. This is how farming gets fun. From the Rainbow Cowgirl Unicorn Party.

airline travel gets boogielicious

Because you can never get enough Richard Simmons, Air New Zealand has incorporated him into their air flight safety video, for all passengers flying the airline.

You might remember their previous effort, appropriately titled Bare Essentials, which quickly went viral across the internets.

Just another super awesome example of how to take something otherwise unconsidered and boring, and make it sing outloud in your brand's voice. (Even if your brand's voice is Richard Simmons.)

how to sell a shirt on twitter

BrandFlakes best friend @edwardboches has an excellent personal example of how a single individual at Nordstroms is using Twitter to better serve his customers, and ultimately increase sales for the retailer.

So simple, so effective. No agency deck or intense social media strategic plan necessary. Just using tools to connect with people. The way it should be.

for the typographer's apartment

If you live for type, and have always dreamed of living in and on type, today is your lucky day.

Tabisso is a firm dedicated to producing lamps and furniture around your favorite letters and punctuation marks. So you can spell your name in chairs. Or light your living room in semicolons.

This is double rainbow good, and just what you need for your lobby. Thanks, Casey!

music that moves you

Ever drive through a desert or wide-open plain and think, man, it would be awesome if Kashmir came on my ipod right now? Or, you're driving through some city at night, whipping in and out of lanes thinking the Knight Rider theme song would just make this drive EPIC?

Well, Bluebrain, a genius, progressive band out of D.C. apparently had had these same experiences because they created the first album ever that actually changes music based on where you are.

That's because the album is actually a location aware smartphone app (coming to the iPhone first this Spring). Right now the music change ups are only programmed for various locations within the National Mall in D.C., but now that the technology is out there, the sky is literally the limit. So cool!

more than words

Sometimes, a lot can be lost when you dissect a story word for word, but in this case each word is just as amazing as the entire story. That's because this story, called Skin, by experimental writer, Shelly Jackson, is being told one word at a time via tattoos on over 2,000 volunteers, whom she refers to simply as "words."

To begin telling the story, Jackson is releasing a series of videos of some of the volunteers reciting their word at Berkley Art Museum. Each word lives on a person that comes with their own story, yet when put together, they all become one, beautiful story. That is, if it were even possible to view the entire story.

Unfortunately one of the "words" passed away and will always be missing from the story, therefore essentially changing the path of the story forever. Kind of sad, definitely odd, but mostly beautiful.

when the internet goes down, where will you meet?

Do Projects is a fun place to collaborate on making super awesome things with new friends from across the world. One particular Do Project that's getting a lot of steam is Safety Maps.

Safety Maps is the place where you can go to make online maps for the coming local apocalypse that's threatening your neighborhood. Once made, share the link with all of your friends, have them print out your map, and rest in total, relaxed safe state of mind - because when everything goes to hell in a handbasket and FourSquare isn't working, you'll have Safety Maps.

the world record of world records with a prius

Later this week, Toyota will attempt at breaking more world records than ever broken before around a Toyota Prius. If successful, this will result in a world record of world records.

They'll be sharing everything live, and it's not too late for you to get in on the action. Suggest records, or set your own. With a Prius.

This is what automotive marketing looks like when it's fun.

the logo with 40,000 variations

After decades of no official identity, the MIT Media Lab has an awesome new logo. The design features three colors and black, and allows the users to customize them in any of up to 40,000 combinations, that will create up to 12 colors.

The days of a simple identity manual and one logo for every possible application end now. Super amazing. From @elizaword

the next big social thing

This is going to be huge. It's the next big social media thing.

If you think there might just be a bubble in the way things are currently being valued in socialmedialand by the financial community, then you're going to love the pitch deck for Color.xxx.

(Contains a couple of swear words, but nothing you can't handle.) Thanks, Casey!

another hack to times square?

Ok, this one is supposedly for real. A man hacks a jumbotron with his iPhone.

This particular stunt was done to promote TubeMote, an app that lets you use your iPhone to play and control videos in a browser.

So the clip above isn't really a hack, but a clever demonstration of their product. Cool app, but don't expect to be playing your junk in TimesSquare, unless you've paid to have them display your custom url.

men, consider yourself warned

Alright guys, listen up. If you're single and you get picked up on a dating site by a cute girl that seems to good to be true and she's being pushy asking you to meet her in NYC on May 13, I'm here to tell you she's messing with your head. Yeah, I got you're back like that.

It's all an intricate plot called the Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob created by a bunch of 4chan users. Basically, they're asking people to create fake dating profiles on OkCupid and then try to form a bond with a guy enough that he'll come meet you at a specific spot in NYC on May 13. Then on May 13 they're going to capture, on a live webcam, all these poor dudes reactions when they find out it's a hoax.

I can't decide if this is horribly mean, pathetically sad, or hysterically funny, but either way I have to wonder, if this becomes viral like they're hoping, won't the gig pretty much be up?

hands off jerk. thanks! : )

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how old, how professional, or how wealthy coworkers may be, when it comes to the office refrigerator, all cleanliness and good manners go out the door like a college frat house. Luckily we have passive aggressiveness to make the experience of smelling 60 day old cheese or discovering the leftover lasagna you've been fantasizing about for 4 hours this morning has been devoured by some chump of a coworker, pretty damn hysterical. Check out these 30, and if you're really checked-out on this lovely friday, there are hundreds here. Fun times!

why aren't the netflix envelopes square?

Ever wonder why the Netflix envelopes aren't square? Why they have that extra little floppy section that makes them an uncomfortable rectangle?

Thanks to Quora, we have the answer to this great life mystery.

It all comes back to the U.S. Postal regulations, and the fees they charge for different size packages.

Changing the envelope to a square might satisfy some design and marketing geeks, but it would cost the company an estimated hundreds of millions of dollars in postage. Share this factoid at your next cocktail party, and the girls will think you're totally hot.

(Soon, we'll all be streaming, anyway, right?) From @coryobrien

how to be more googley

Sometimes you get all wrapped up in the meetings, conference calls and cubicle politics, and you forget about how to make your brand, your workplace, and your company more awesome.

Google has a beautiful guideline of what it takes to make their product's user experience shine with the ultimate googley brand essence.

What's cool is that their user experience guidelines can apply to nearly any online property. Even yours. Because we could all benefit from just a little more Google juice. From @dweingrod

the qr code resume

How do you get hired in an impossible job climate? Stand out. Victor Petit has done exactly that, while applying for an internship.

Victor's resume includes a QR code, conveniently placed over his mouth. When the recipient scans the code, they're brought to the video of his mouth speaking to the potential employer.

We assume this genius concept has landed Victor not only an internship, but that he's now on the way to becoming an Executive Creative Director at whatever agency he wants. Super smart. From @satisfeye

the social network for your street

What? Another location based social tool?

If you're not yet tired of getting more social, or looking to get more local, then EveryBlock is a new, hot tool for you to get more social a little closer to home.

EveryBlock lets you choose a neighborhood to gather news, share information, explore, and compete against other neighborhoods for status. So now the social interwebs are knocking on your front door.

the customer experience begins in the parking lot

Some will say that we've gone too far. We've run out of places to put ads, and now we're putting them on the ground, in parking lots.

But Parking Line Ads presents a unique opportunity for brands and companies to make a unique impression as they get out of their cars.

Why not deliver an entertaining, fun message to customers right before they enter your building? This could be a cool opportunity to bring them in the door smiling. Thanks, Casey!

find a home for this banner

Here's an amazingly original approach to blogger outreach and non-profit marketing.

Stadsmissionen, a Stockholm charity that helps homeless people needed to get the word out about their organization, and raise funds to keep their operation growing.

The Gabergs agency came up with an ingenious solution: Ask bloggers to copy and paste the embed code for their promotions banners, and place it on their blog.

The concept is simple: you help homeless people by providing a home for a homeless banner.

The longer the blogger hosts the banner, the more it evolves. Over time it develops a warmer color based on the amount of time it's been live on the site, and the number of people who click on it. It's also a living record, as it displays the blog's name and the period of time that they've been hosting it.

Super awesome with icing on top.

even you can clean up a beach

Here's an odd, unexpected spot about keeping the beaches clean. Because it's not that hard, really. From @coudal

crowdsource as a dating system

Even though you've seen stuff like this before, Hook Chas up is interesting at some level.

Maybe because crowdsourcing has become familiar enough that it can be applied to anything. Or maybe it's because the Chas site is so well designed. Or maybe we're just bored at work, and need funny stuff to explore in the middle of the day.

Whatever it is, Chas is going to pay $10K to the person who finds him a wife. That's a better payday than any of the logo design projects on other crowdsource websites. From @litmanlive.

see your Facebook friends naked

If that headline sounds interesting to you then, um, well, FalseFlesh is for you. Want to get someone fired? Use this Facebook app to leak supposedly incredibly realistic "nude" photos of them to their CEO. Want to make some quick cash from TMZ? Use this to submit "nude" photos of some hot celeb. Yep, you can even see what your wife/gf looks like with bigger boobs if you want... but she's perfect the way she is, so why would you want that, right boys? Yeeeah, and, as if this all weren't creepy enough, check out some of the gross testimonials on their website. Seriously, they're creepy. Yep, all this naked power can be yours for $34.99, or you could just Google some free porn to see actual naked people, whatever.

are you smarter than a 2 yr old?

Next time your stubborn parents, boss, spouse (insert the person in your life that refuses to adapt to new technology) says they can't figure out how to work your newfangled ipad, show them this video. Frickin' over achieving child prodigies, so cute yet so freaky.

what would you do to make wishes come true?

Webisodes have come a long way since the early days of the internet. The Booth at the End is a fantastic example - film quality production, name actors, and an intriguing story about a man in a booth in a diner, that can make things happen for you. If you can complete a task that he assigns.

The series itself looks like something that's worthy of a piece of your workday (new episodes daily!), but they're also promoting the program with a slightly disturbing game.

You need to kill someone, to fulfill your own desire. Can you do it? How difficult will it be? How long will it take you? Play the game and immediately see stats on how you stack up against the rest of the population that's played the same game. Cool.

direct mail + spam = win for montblanc

Think great direct mail campaigns are gone? Check out this new promotion for MontBlanc pens.

I received the mysterious letter above in a handwritten envelope marked "airmail" on the outside. Upon opening, I read the first line "I am Barister Buba, nephew of the former President of Nigeria..." You know how the rest of the letter went, as you've received countless emails with the same text.

My first reaction was to shout out to workmates "OMG, check out this Nigerian spam I just got...in the mail." And then I noticed a hand-written P.S. at the bottom of the letter:

Let's face it, even a letter from an obvious fraudster seems quite authentic when it's beautifully written by hand. Montblanc - Rediscover the power of the written word.

Awesome. On paper. With pen. Beautiful.

text your friends in groups

At every SXSW conference, the world comes looking for "the next big thing". After Twitter blew up at the geek festival in 2007, everyone expects the next massive success story to be born in Austin. And every year, plenty of brands come to Texas with dreams of being that big deal.

We're not sure that there is (or needs to be) a single winning thing coming out of SXSW, but we did leave the conference with an awesome impression of a useful, fun, tool: Group.me

GroupMe allows you to setup multiple groups that you can then text message, send photos, or pull together conference calls with. We used the tool at SXSW to pull together internet friends from around the globe, and found it indispensable. We'll use it again in our personal and business lives.

Need to keep everyone on a project (but in the field) up to date? Family at the amusement park? Friends meeting at the outdoor music festival? Group.me has countless real world uses, that are practical and fun. And when it blows up in a few months, you can tell everyone that you heard about it at SXSW, from your friends at Humongo.

hardcore history goes viral, gets shut down

Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler created this campaign for museums as a student project. The campaign features a look at history in a new way: hardcore history. The ads are nothing short of pure awesome, and it's no wonder that the work has gone viral.

Here's the side story: Jenny created the concept for the Smithsonian Museum, as a student project. She posted the work on her site, and it went viral. And that's when the Smithsonian got wind of the work, and asked her to remove their logo from the ads.

Did the Smithsonian miss out on an opportunity, here? People are tweeting about the work, blogging about the campaign, and it's taken off on the internet, unlike any actual campaign by the Smithsonian.

Protecting trademarks, copyrights and brands can be a tricky business, but sometimes a little flexibility (or a willingness to see a different path) might open up new opportunities. Something to think about before your lawyer sends the next cease and desist letter...Thanks, Casey!

how to annoy your friends on facebook

Here's a fun way to annoy your friends, more than you normally do.

Artists Oli Beale and Alex Holder like to bother their friend James by taking pics from his Facebook page, making subtle modifications to them, and then reposting them.

Imagine how sad the word would be if Photoshop where never invented?

get in on the drama

Sure, watching crime dramas can be kinda thrilling. As far as the possible thrills available from sitting on your couch go anyway. But what if you could be IN the crime drama while still sitting on your couch? Well, in Germany you can with this super cool new augmented reality film, The Witness. So it starts with what you'd expect: hold the phone up to your living room and the drama unfolds "virtually" where you're sitting. But here's where it get's even cooler, you can choose what's going to happen next to either solve the crime, get killed, or somewhere in between. Can't wait 'til this comes to American television. Maybe someone will create an app that lets me "virtually" slap the crap out of reality TV stars, 'cuz that would be fun!

be the hipster, live the hipster

If you asked a group of people for the definition of "hipster" you'd likely get a a bunch of different responses. If any of those people you asked are, in fact, hipsters, you'd probably get a weird look and a "whatever." Heck, even trying to define what a hipster is, is so unhipsterish, right? Like hipsterdom can't be described, it's a vibe, and now, according to Yelp, it's apparently also an ambiance. Yep, when submitting/rating an establishment on Yelp, hipster is now an option for ambiance along with trendy, casual, classy, touristy, and the like. As eater.com points out, it's not exactly clear what defines an establishment as hipster, but apparently a mustache see-saw qualifies (clearly)!

real deal gaming coming to your browser

Up until now, complex, immersive 3D gaming environments could not be realized inside a web browser, limiting major game development to game consoles or computers outside of the browser.

But a bunch of geeky technological developments have taken place that put real gaming inside the browser. Not today...but around the corner.

When this finally happens, it will open up a world of possibilities for the gaming industry and brands who want to produce more rich experiences for their fans. Soon, we'll even be gaming inside Facebook. If that's what you're into. From @kylejame.

before i die...

Artist Candy Chang has turned the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood into an interactive, inspiring piece of street art.

The piece is actually a giant chalkboard, where pedestrians passing by can finish the sentence "before I die I want to..."

The project has become such a hit in the community (and now worldwide), that she's received funding, and plans on a book documenting all of the responses. Once filled, she wipes the board clean to start over, so that it's a continual, living project.

Awesome with chalk. From @Red Square Agency

you don't know what it is, but you know you want it

Dabble is the latest social media sign up thing that's gone viral across the twittersphere. Nobody knows for sure what exactly it is, but the sign up screen looks so fun, and you know you don't want to miss out on anything big, so you'd better sign up now.

Maybe it's about collecting all of your favorite videos. Or maybe that's not it at all, and it's about something even hotter, better, and bigger than anything before.

Whatever it is, you don't want to miss out, so you'd better sign up now.

old women shouldn't have jack hammers

The less you earn, the longer you have to work. That's the premise behind this Belgian campaign for Equal Pay Day, a day that's been devoted to raising awareness about the wage gap between men and women.

Equal Pay Day happens next week, so you need to give all of the ladies a raise on 3/25. Pass it on.

google gold for non-profits

Google has just launched a new campaign and added some tools to their suite for non-profits.

If you aren't already aware, Google gives ad grants (generously) to qualified non-profits. Now they've pulled together all of their associated tools in one place to make a Googlicious suite of awesome for people that are doing great things. Pass it along to your friends in non-profit land.

a test drive in a magazine

This augmented reality piece for VW is a pretty sweet way to illustrate some key product features of the a car, in print.

the twitter movie

If there were a Ken Burns documentary on Twitter, it would probably go a little something like this. Happy 5th birthday, Twitter!

chatroulette not being creepy

It's been a while since we've seen anything interesting coming from ChatRoulette, like The Last Exorcism promo or Merton that improv piano dude that looks suspiciously like Ben Folds. Unless, of course, you find creepy fat naked men interesting.

Well, this latest dude went all out to make this pretty impressive "love" song" work. Though I can't imagine how long he had to click next until he actually found a girl hot enough to be worthy of this song... and with a name that actually worked with the refrain. If I were her, I would've fallen for it too. Very cute!

geek sneaks

I'm always fascinated by junk artists and how they turn useless crap into something pretty amazing. Especially artist Gabriel Dishaw's recreations of the latest hot sneakers with old parts from various types of technology. His latest piece titled Air Max 2011 Up-cycled is the first to be officially commissioned by Nike. His older stuff is pretty awesome too.

logos worthy of your living room

Now through April 7, artist Zevs has a cool show in NYC devoted to liquidated logos. Big corporate identity never looked so hot.

hot wheels done big

So maybe video mapping doesn't have the awesome wow factor that it did a few months ago, but you have to admit that this installation is cool...it's got Hot Wheels.

taking over times square video

There's a lot of debate about whether or not this is a hoax, and quite honestly, we're too lazy to investigate and find out.

If it's real, a device like this opens up mondo opportunities for street artists and guerilla marketers. If it's fake, you just watched a pretty awesome two minute video. Either way, everyone wins.

a daily dose of lomo

Because there is a blog for everything, there had to be a blog that featured a new pic shot on a super awesome Lomo camera, every day.

Please rejoice that photographer/blogger James Cooper has taken on this responsibility, and will be supplying us with a daily photograph, shot on a Lomo.

Because this is just what the internet ordered. From Urban Outfitters.

video game technology for evil geniuses

As proof that video games are evil and can certainly lead to no good, here's a wonderous hack using Microsoft Kinect technology and Tesla coils. Because that's what evil geniuses do.

hobbits invade san fran

It had to happen. The internet business hub of the United States has attracted a population of super tiny people, that are living under the buildings of San Francisco.

Either that, or artist Jeff Waldman has begun his installation of tiny doors across the city. Either way, San Francisco is better as a result.

art as a reminder of tragedy

This weekend marked the 6th annual ghost bike walk and ride, memorializing those who have lost their lives on bikes.

The movement has created haunting pieces of art throughout the city (and others around the country) reminding everyone to show love and respect to our friends on two wheels.

light up your joint with a giant led cube

Weren't you just saying that you needed to build a giant LED cube, right outside your cube? Well here you go: everything you need to know to build the LED cube that you've always wanted to. Good luck.

How To Make Your Own 3D LED Cube Display

the fonts for the brands you love

Here's the fonts to a bunch of really popular logos. So you can have them. Or admire them. Or make them all your own.

the all new peru

Peru has a new logo. And it's all fresh and sprirally, and colorful.

The new identity was created by FutureBrand, the same firm that's responsible for Australia's current identity. Which begs the question: when can we get a new United States brand logo? Thanks, Eliza!

your social network, by zip

I know what you're thinking. You need another social network like you need another person tweeting inspirational quotes from famous people.

But atZip looks to be something new and different. It's a social network/app that pulls together friends, people and places based on your zip code, or the zip code where you're at. Sounds like a cool tool to meet up, get out, and have fun.

what people want on the internet

Looking for the next big internet start up idea? You might want to browse through the The Internet Wishlist.

This is a fantastic place to start your next brainstorm when you're looking for something to create for your brand that people really, really want.

Have something you'd really like to see on the internet? Just tweet your wish, and include #theiwl in your tweet. Then comment on your favorite ideas, contact the original ideasmith, or just use it all as a springboard to launch your internet awesome factory. From @elizaword

what if you watched movies backwards?

This Tumblr is devoted to exploring what films might be like if you watched them backwards.

(Just a quick morning reminder that the internet is filled with awesomeness, magic and special people.)

the sweetest tea

This is the sweetest package design for a line of iced teas. Together, they look like a super cool art poster. You'll look stunningly hot drinking it, while you cool down. Thanks, Eliza!

is your city honest enough for honest tea?

This campaign for Honest Tea is so perfectly crafted for their brand, that it could almost become a part of their retail formula.

Put tea on the streets, and ask people to pay for it, based on the honor system. Most people did. Yay, humanity.

what can you make qr codes from?

If you think about it, just about any object can be turned into a pixel, given the right perspective.

That's what AXA Bank capitalized on with their ginormous QR code made from paint cans. Why not? From @thenextweb.

singing unicorns to brighten your day

Sometimes you've had a bad day. Or have a friend who had a bad day. And pretty much the only thing that could turn a bad day into a double rainbow kind of day is...a unicorn.

The magical creatures of the internet, loved by everyone across the land, and now spokesanimals for Juicy Fruit Gum. That's right, Juicy Fruit has made magic possible: now you can send all of your friends a serenading unicorn message.

Super awesome with rainbows on top. (And kudos to the agency who wasn't afraid to pitch this to the client, and to the account team who didn't stop at "unicorns? how is that on brand?")

freaky phone

Smartphones have become, well, pretty smart. This Elfoid smartphone, created by Hiroshi Ishiguro with ATR, is even smarter and a thousand times creepier. Seriously, it's really freakin' creepy. Assuming you could get past the part about carrying a ghostly doll with human like skin in your pocket, this smartphone has real time facial and tone recognition software that will sense the mood and expressions of the person on the other end of the phone, and eerily mimic them right in your little hands. Can only imagine what a heated phone sex session would look like. Eeek.

two things we love...

...infographics and SXSW. As many of you head on down to Austin today, we thought we'd share some geeky goodness from Get Satisfaction to get you in the mood. See you there!

this is a book review for enchantment

We get a lot of requests for book reviews on Brand Flakes for Breakfast, and the sad truth is that we're so busy on the internet, that we don't have much time for reading things printed on paper.

But every once in a while, there's a book that gets published that merits our special attention. Enchantment is just such a book. What follows is an official Brand Flakes review of the book...that we didn't read. (Sorry, Guy - but thanks for sending a copy!)

We've found five reasons that you should buy this book today:

Reason #1:
Guy Kawasaki. He's seriously one of the smartest dudes on the internet. And he's one of the most influential VC's in the business. (VC - you know, the dudes with the money.) You should want to read anything and everything that he publishes, on this alone. (We've met him before, and he's seriously awesome.)

Reason #2:
There's pictures. We're creative people, and we can easily be intimidated or get lost in a fat book that doesn't have any pictures in it. Pictures help tell a story, show proof of action, and make us feel happy.

Reason #3:
Great layout. This book doesn't look boring to read. It appears to be well organized, with clean typography and bullets, and graphs, and content that's engaging and easy to absorb. It almost looks like a book that you might read with a highlighter.

Reason #4:
Tweets. There are tweets in this book. 'Nuff said.

Think this is a load of crap? I'm buying a copy of Enchantment for the iPad, so that I can read it on the way to SXSW later this week. For real. Thanks, Guy!
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