back to the future

You know those old photos of you as a baby in the bathtub? The ones your mom whipped out to show your new BF/GF what an adorable little naked butt you had? Um yeah. Thankfully those photos are safely tucked away in a worn out photo album in an ancient hope chest in you parent's attic, right? Well, not if photographer Irina Werning got her hands on em.

Irina's taking those epic childhood photos and recreating them in the same exact spot, the same exact pose, wearing the same exact clothes, making the same exact faces. The result is awesomely fascinating, surprisingly beautiful, and sometimes kinda creepy.

Thanks @andrea_zimmer


Todd said...

Paging ze frank, paging a mr. ze frank... someone stole your car, hope your ideas weren't in the trunk.

Kristien Del Ferraro said...

Oh wow, that's crazy! But, I have to say, it's all about the execution. Irina's are flawless down to the clothing accessories and lighting where as Zefranks are not. Interesting though that the idea is not original.

Todd said...

Did deeper into ze frank's project. It was crowd sourced and some were spot on.

Irina saddens me, I'm now looking for a dog to kick.

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