you're getting hotter

JetBlue ran a takeover series of banners on yesterday, that were totally cool.

The banners start out cold blue and state "you're freezing", (true, with another eighteen inches of snow to boot). As you move your cursor closer to a banner to book a trip to a warmer place, the banners change their messages to "getting warmer" and "you're getting hot" treatments, as the colors change to the color of the sun.

Super cute fun in an unexpected way. Proof that you can use standard digital media in new ways if you're awesomely creative. Nice work, @stuartfoster & team!

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Nick Stamoulis said...

Thanks for sharing this great example of a creative banner ad campaign. While some people are annoyed by advertising, cold New Englanders probably appreciated the timely ad and took notice. I wonder how many flights were booked?

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