@tsand needs your help.

Mercedes Benz just launched a fun promotion called Tweet Race that pits some influential Twitter users and their celebrity coaches against each other for a Twitter-fueled race to the Super Bowl.

We're not exactly sure how tweet fuel works, but we know one thing for sure: You must take 30 seconds right now and join Todd's team.

There may be a SuperBowl spot in the making, there may be a free car for Todd's wife, and there will certainly be SuperBowl tickets.

(We also like Len Kendall's team, but @tsand has already pimped his kids in the name of Humongo, so we're returning the love in the most Humongo way we know how.)

Join, vote, like, and help a Twitter brother out. Ok?

1 comment:

Todd said...

You hear that Len... Humongo picks the Packers. I'm even willing to bet they have a cheesehead in their office.

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