selling cigarettes to hipsters

Like it or not, some people need to smoke. And tobacco companies want to sell these people more smokes. So how do you make an old brand even cooler? Localize it.

That's exactly what R.J. Reynolds has done with their Williamsburg, Brooklyn branded cigs. The exact same product, but stacked in a pack branded Brooklyn. According to the Gothamist, they're flying off the shelves just as fast as they can stock them.

Proof that packaging design, localization and smart marketing can light up sales for just about anything.


Matt Moore said...

I presume this could be taken even further to reference actual street names - or evem GPS coordinates.

Reem said...

And the camel on the packet is totally localised too. Humped mammals trudging all over Brooklyn... I kid, very smart, and agreeing with Matt, street names could be a real winner.

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