email: not entirely dead

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and general internetebrity has launched a new project: an email newsletter.

Foundation is a newsletter of interviews, products, knowledge from boy internet. Here's what's different: it's $3.99/month.

If you pay for an e-newsletter, would you actually spend time reading it? Or would it sit in the same place as those other 30 newsletters that you subscribed to and don't have time for now sit?

Other internet fat cats are also starting e-newsletters, instead of blogs or other tools, too.

Could e-newsletters be an unexpected savior of publishing? Hmmmm...

1 comment:

Howie said...

Yes if I paid I would read most of the time. Its a great idea. As for email being dead way more communication is still via email than Facebook or Twitter want you to believe. For every Facebook status update there is 183 SMS text messages flying.

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