douchebag citation

The internet makes it super easy to share awesomeness with each other. And, being so easy means most people rarely cite the sources of their found awesomeness. It's become a pretty big deal. So to help you decide whether you should cite a source or not when sharing on the interwebs,
Roscott, Inc. put together this hand-dandy little flowchart.

SPOILER ALERT - not citing always ends in you being a douchebag.

Oh, and to make sure we're not douchebags ourselves, we'd like to give a shout-out to Brain Pickings for finding this.


Rosscott said...

Thanks for linking the chart! Credit is of course shared by Caldwell of, as it was a joint collaboration.

Ben Kunz said...

Nice. But I wonder, why do we have to give credit to everyone who *finds* something? If it's your idea, then by all means, you deserve quotations or credit; if it's truly your reporting, same goes. But if you find a link and toss it into Twitter with a single click, should your name really be in lights? And if yours, why not the 15 people before you who also found the link?

Imagine if we did this in real conversations. "Nice shirt." "Thanks, I found it at the mall, after John Smith mentioned his friend Bill Henry found a black shirt that Jane Greenly bought him for Christmas after her sister Sarah Greenly got a catalog because her friend Missy Jones took her shopping at the mall two months ago with Sarah Connor."

I could riff on the psychological urge in humans to get credit where no credit is due, but haven't had enough coffee yet...

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