do celebs work for brands on social media?

Can celebrities move your product if they tweet about it? Not so much. MarketingVox followed the results of celebrities Alyssa Milano (1.2 million followers), Tim O’Reilly (1.5 million) and Pew’s Susannah Fox, (4,960 followers) tweeting about a new book. How many copies did they sell?

+ Alyssa Milano: 0
+ Tim O'Reilly: 1
+ Susannah Fox: 3

Three influential people, and FOUR copies of the book sold. Nicholas Christakis, a professor at Harvard theorizes that spreading a conversation is not the same as affecting it. Something to keep in mind if you're shelling out megabucks for a celebrity endorsement with social media.


charityestrella said...

I hope the many well meaning non-profits that bombard celebrities (general celebrities, like Alyssa Milano, or social media celebrities alike)with pleas to tweet about their cause take note of this...reaching a wide audience is not as important as reaching the right audience.

I know you're talking about paying for celebrity endorsements here, but human resource time is money. I feel a little ill every time I see a non-profit wasting theirs by trying to spread their message through networks that barely touch their own.

If you're looking to expand your message through twitter, look for the influencers in your particular niche. They're probably not celebrities at all...they're just the people your community already knows and trusts. Mini-celebrities in their communities provide maximum affect, and that's really what we're looking for.

darryl ohrt said...

Well put. Couldn't agree more!

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