the yogi movie that will make you cry

Rhode Island School of Design student Edmund Earle saw that there was an animated version of Yogi Bear coming out, and wanted to create his own, darker version.

So he animated a super dark ending to the film. Without any footage from the actual movie.

The result is a piece of work that will leave you praying it doesn't end the way you know it ends, and realizing that this kid will soon be working for George Lucas or Steven Spielberg or any animation studio that he wants to, anywhere in the world.


Carver Bacchus said...

Its a parody inside a parody...thats the scene from "The Assasination of Jesse james by the Coward Robert Ford" where Ford shoots Jesse. Interesting.

darryl ohrt said...

Thanks, Carver! Didn't recognize that, and had no idea.

Howie-Shizzle said...

That was awesome!

JJ said...

except that in TAOJJBTCRF, Jesse, played by Brad Pitt, could see Ford, played by Casey Affleck, in the glass reflection of the photo on the wall. This time we only see the reflection of the poster in Yogi's eyes.

yes, see the movie (the Jesse one)

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