how to turn your office move into an internet event

When you move your office, you discover the piles of junk that have built up in your old office, and that you no longer need. And if you're combining a couple of regional offices, well then you also have some equipment and toys that are just no longer necessary.

The Switch agency took this situation and turned it into a glorious donation event for a local charity. The 12 Days of Switchmas puts stuff from their offices up for free, up for bid, and up for donation.

With "grab", "bid" and "give", each and every day they have cool stuff that they're just giving away to anyone on the internet that claims it. They're also selling some items (with the proceeds going to a local cause), and then asking visitors for donations too.

The site is perfectly designed in the holiday spirit - if the holiday spirit were celebrated with leftover office supplies. Awesomeness.

1 comment:

Kris Aubuchon said...

Hah, that's pretty cool! Similar to our Regift Auction site - - And of course, all proceeds go to charity.

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