holiday cards get personal

It used to be that the agency holiday card was the one and only self promotional piece that most agencies did all year. And for some, it still is. (AdFreak has a short round up of the best and worst this year.)

And as agencies look to outdo each other with production levels, cleverness or creativity, many have lost touch with the purpose of the holiday greeting card.

A greeting card. Leave it to media strategy juggernaut agency Mediassociates to teach us a lesson. No intense Flash production. Nothing that will leave you on the floor laughing. But a personal greeting from the person that you know inside the agency.

This was my favorite card this year, because they took the time to make it personal, and target me as an individual. And that's exactly what media strategists do best - reach their audiences.

We spoke to Ben Kunz, who told us they split up their list, and each employee recorded greetings for the people they knew.

Thanks Ben, for bringing us all back to reality and showing us how it's done!

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Howie-Shizzle said...

Should I be shorting Hallmark stock now? BTW Ben's twitter photos don't do him justice.

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