can you solve the mystery of the pointy s?

Caleb Neelon needs your help. He's trying to solve the mystery of the iconic "pointy s".

This is the letter that cool dudes learn to illustrate in middle school, and use it liberally in posters, notebook covers and other places where you might need to hand illustrate an "s".

While we've all been drawing this bad ass S for years, no one seems to know where it originated. Do you? Caleb would like to get to the bottom of it, and settle this grand world mystery once and for all. From @elizaword


Anonymous said...

My guess is it came from the Stussy brand. I remember that it was the easy way to draw out the S on your folder without having any tagging talent...

darryl ohrt said...

A lot of commenters on the original post suggested that too - but I disagree.

Stussy was founded in the 1980's, and I'm confident this was used in the late 70's as well. I think that Stussy leveraged something that they already knew was a part of youth pop culture - and then made it theirs. (Smart.)

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