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You have questions, and you need answers. And you have difficult questions that require expert background, opinion or insight that you're not going to get from a simple Google search or 140 charater answers from your Twitter friends.

Enter Quora. Quora is a relativelynew social network getting a lot of buzz (yes, I needed another social network like you needed a new copy of Microsoft Word, but hear me out), and probably getting buzz for the right reasons.

Quora lets you ask the community questions. And the community answers. Only this isn't some forum of smart allecky internet brats who will tease you and write snarky responses to your questions. This is a community of like minded internet nerds, some even prominent web 2.0 pioneers, getting together and sharing.

Imagine Wikipedia that's conversational. Or Twitter with depth. Or Google with only responses from smart people. Quora. A place you can go to get answers.


Linda Sherman said...


I saw your tweet: "Love this @Scobleizer post about why Quora is awesome:"

Robert Scoble has been tweeting about Quora quite a bit lately.

I attended a panel on these type of websites at the last SXSW - signed up then but didn't go back. You have rekindled my interest.

Are you already active on Quora?

darryl ohrt said...

Linda - I'm totally new to Quora as well. Just signed up a few days ago, and kind of getting a sense of what it's all about, so I'm not truly active yet.

I think Scoble gave a good overview of the benefits, how it's unique, and where it fits. Also been seeing Scoble's tweets, and the Twittersphere in general lighting up about it.

I'm going to do my best to add it to my routine, and see how it works.

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