what have you done for art and your neighborhood?

Designer/illustrator Chris Parks put together a pretty amazing show over Halloween weekend. Chris pulled together some of the cooler creative people in his neighborhood and created a fun exhibit that allowed Halloween party goers to photograph themselves in fun, interactive settings. Check out the Flickr photo set, and you'll be blown away, wishing you were there.

What's super awesome here:
+ Chris opened up his studio to the public. A lot of businesses wouldn't be comfortable with this.

+ Chris and his friends produced the props and artwork on their own time, for the pure enjoyment of creating something cool and fun.

+ In return, their community experienced art in a new way, walked into a studio they might have otherwise ignored, and likely shared photos on Facebook with their friends across the globe.

This could have easily been brand sponsored (and we're sure brands will be hiring Chris for this in the future), but what's cool here is that the people involved did this for the love of the experience and their community. Couldn't you be doing the same? (Thanks, Casey!)

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