wave hello to the advertisers

In the future advertisers could be watching your every move. We're not talking about what you do online, we're talking about what you're wearing (or not wearing), who you're with, your pets' names, what you say about your boss behind their back--pretty much everything. It's not that far off. Actually, it's possible right now if you own a Kinect.

You've probably already heard about how Kinect can report your every word to the friends you play video games with (oops). And you may have read Wire's Secret Diary of Sentient Kinect playing off the fact that it's actually somewhat self-aware (creepy). And now, conspiracy theorists and privacy zealots alike are speculating that Microsoft could someday report all the things the Kinect "sees and hears" to advertisers for the freakiest micro-targeted, real-time reactive ads you could ever imagine.

While Microsoft issued a statement stating they respect their customers' privacy and do not use any of the information captured by Kinect for advertising (of course they did), it's pretty exciting and freakin' scary to speculate what could be.

Imagine a day when, say, Budweiser, could serve you an ad telling you to put down the PBR you're drinking at that exact moment and drink their beer instead. Makes Facebook privacy concerns look pretty darn silly in comparison.

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Todd said...

Pro tip: Keep the box that the Kinect came in. Remove its top and place box over Kinect when not in use. The stiff foam used to hold the Kinect in place during transit also serves as a sound proofer.

Also, my family members wear ski masks while playing with the Kinect. We each have a different color so we can still customize an avatar and have the Kinect recognize us.

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