tired of firefox, bored of chrome? meet the social browser.

Besides having a super cool name, RockMelt is looking to reinvent your browser.

We just started playing with it, but it looks like a pretty awesome realignment of how we use the internet: always connected with the things and people we need to be, even while searching, browsing and working on the magical, mystical world wide web.

(Thanks for the invite, @mtlb)


Ben Kunz said...

It's interesting how new tools are lifting social media feeds from the SM portals trying to make money -- the same dynamic that SM is doing to Google by lifting links from friends, and that Google did to old media such as newspapers by using search links and RSS instead of the paper or website pages itself. Everyone is borrowing everyone else's audience, with the end results that third-party advertising used to fund all the original content is getting squeezed.

I riffed over at TG on this; there seems no easy way out. Imagine if anyone could plug-in to a social graph in any device (your car windshield, your wristwatch, a screen hanging in your morning shower), pulling just the best content from your friends, with the original players making such transmissions possible not making a dime from subscriptions or third-party advertising. Who funds all this at the end of the cycle?

Free is good. I hope we can find out how to pay for it. Until then, I look forward to playing with this browser.

Anonymous said...

Check out Qwiki. It looks like the next step beyond this and its idea of having information presented to you.

Couch potatoes rejoice.

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