Friday, November 19, 2010
this kid will someday rule the world

When we were teens and wanted the latest, hot gadget (oh that sweet, sweet Sony walkman), we had to wait. There was no other option. Now, in a time when instant gratification is king, that's no longer the case as 17-year -old Fei Lam proved.

Frustrated with how long it was taking for Apple to launch the white iPhone 4, he decided to leverage his own business network (seriously, what 17-year-old already has a business network?) to contact the supplier, Foxconn, directly for the parts.

Teen buys parts to convert black iPhone to white. Teen creates website to sell said parts. Teen makes $130,000 in a couple of months (and growing). Teen is a rockstar. Teen will takeover the world... if Apple doesn't slap teen with a big fat lawsuit first.


posted by Kristien Del Ferraro @ 7:35 AM   2 comments

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Jon Thomas said...
I have a feeling that lawsuit is coming with the quickness.

I love the random fact that this all started when he actually replied to spammer from China who was hocking cell phones.
At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
I wish people would stop referring to white planners with dreadlocks, internet nerds and kids who start businesses as 'rockstars'.

they are anything but

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