let's put an end to drunk posting

Remember when drunk dialing your ex was your biggest concern on a typical Friday night? Then with the rise of textsfromlastnight, your regrettable words became a little more permanent, but at least remained anonymous. And now? Now the whole world is subjected to your drunken mishaps on Facebook due to drunk posting. It's time to put an end to this madness.

Thankfully, Webroot has you covered with their latest security tool, The Social Media Sobriety Test. Yep, that's right, download their Firefox plug-in, and like a car breathalyzer, you'll be prevented from getting behind the keyboard during "high-risk" days and hours to save you from years of embarrassment, job-loss, and possible arraignment.

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Omer Rosenbaum said...

Just a week ago a similar application was released in Sweden.
But both are the same idea of the function that Gmail has.

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