is your seo just internet pollution?

Media mastermind Ben Kunz points out something you've undoubtedly encountered before: search engine optimization getting in the way of what you're looking for. He did a quick search for "Macbook Air", and came up with a news story about some PC competition as the second result.

Here's a situation where the user clearly knows what he wants, and has specifically asked Google for it. Delivering something else is an obstruction.

You can be sure that Google has a gaggle of engineers working 24/7 attempting to thwart this. And some SEO person has his arms in the air, claiming victory. But is this victory?

Isn't it better to get your products in front of people who are actually looking for them? And if you present your product as an obstacle in the path of a user's search, doesn't this reflect negatively on your brand? How are you ensuring that your brand doesn't become internet pollution??

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