put your ads in a safe place

Supporting the nation's goal of monetizing and selling advertising on every crumb of the internet, the people over at NuCaptcha have created a new medium.

You know those funky little security passwords that look to confirm if you're a human when registering and signing into sites? That's a technology called Captcha - and NuCaptcha takes it to an entirely new level.

The NuCaptcha codes feature moving video. They're not only supposed to be more secure - but they also allow for the placement of ads in the background. Super ad-genius.


Gregory James said...

Solve Media (f/k/a AdCopy) has a slighly more elementary version of this technology (putting ads in captchas) - and they have a fun video to explain it: http://vimeo.com/15041038

Cassie Wallace said...

Yay Carnegie Mellon innovation!

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