how to piss off all of southern california

The band Imperial Stars wanted to get some attention, and let some people hear their music. So they stopped their truck on an L.A. freeway and started performing.

This is not how you make friends in Los Angeles. We assume that traffic is still backed up, and will be for the next couple of years.

Is pissing off tens of thousands of commuters worthy of the PR?


Stuart Foster said...

Once again? It all comes back to product.

If this was a big name band (or even a talented one) this would be seen as genius.

However, these guys are terrible. My eardrums are bleeding and my eyes are bleeding from the bad CGI in their video:

darryl ohrt said...


U2 did this years ago in NYC, and while heralded, it was a different scene. Because they did it from a rooftop, they didn't stop traffic in the most traffic clogged city in the the U.S. (like these asshats did)

I think that if a more famous band did the same stunt, it would have been bigger news - but would have backfired on them, as the media (and consumers) would have expected them to know better. (With fame comes a different level of responsibility.)

That said, traffic stopping in L.A. isn't new - plenty of protests and marches have done similar things, too.

Anonymous said...

U2 was on the back of a truck

imperial stars might be good music for torturing dictators, that's about it

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