Friday, October 22, 2010
here's your chance to become a film producer for lemonade detroit

File this under "genius."

Erik Proulx, the acclaimed producer of Lemonade is working on a new film about the rebirth and reinvestment in Detroit, and like any film maker, he needs a budget. So he's asking you to step up and become a producer.

Here's how it works: They're funding the film frame by frame, one donation at a time. You can buy a single frame of the film for $1. By doing so, you become an IMDB-credited producer of the film. Buy a frame, buy a second (24 frames), or buy even more. You decide what level producer you'd like to be.

They've also created a fun site to track the process and show your involvement in the film. When you donate, you get featured on the Lemonade Detroit timeline based on how many frames you purchased.

From @charliecurve (who should be Mayor of Detroit, btw.)

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