best geico spot yet

How do you get your product street cred to the internet geeks pop culture enthusiasts? You dive in and use the tools that your audience is using.

You've undoubtedly seen hundreds of XtraNormal movies - some ridiculously stupid and others absolutely hilarious - all made by your friends, your family, and the internet elite.

So GEICO's new spot was produced entirely in XtraNormal. Even the script touts the fact that they spent 15 minutes producing this spot (the same 15 minutes that you can use to save money with their product).

Couple smart creative with smart strategy, and the spot is running on national TV during shows like Tosh2.0. Use the tools your audience is using, and be where they are.

So freaking smart.

1 comment:

Howie said...

I knew I was a trendsetter doing remakes of Adverve and Quick-n-Dirty in Xtranormal. Geico owes me a dollar!

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