what does your junk drawer say about you?

Artist/photography Brittnybadger is photographing the contents of junk drawers from different people, and turning them into artwork.

While the series is just getting started, it's a pretty cool look into someone's life. A junk drawer tells you about their interests, hobbies, cast offs, and other things. It's also interesting to see some of the same elements across multiple drawers (or in my drawer at home). From Coudal.


Astrid and Rene said...

I wish my junk drawer contents looked as stylish as these do! Great concept....!

Matt Hunsberger said...

Brittany is a friend and fellow Hartford Art School grad!

Lee Frederiksen said...

This is a very cool idea. It feels like a sort of personal "brand essence" piece.
I wonder what it would look like to assemble the contents of closets?....lwf

brit said...

thanks for posting my photos!

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