soon, everything will be controlled with your phone

BMW/MINI is showcasing a new electric scooter at the Paris Auto show.

An electric scooter is cool and everything, but what's totally awesome is that your iPhone snaps into the dashboard to serve as the ignition key (genius), GPS and whatever else you normally use your phone for while driving. Awesomeness on two wheels.

From @mandylipka


Ben Kunz said...

But if you drop and crack your iPhone, can you still start the scooter?

darryl ohrt said...

If you're lucky, the cracked screen won't get in the way of your using the Apple store location app so that you can walk your scooter there to buy a new one.

Or: (this would be cool) You get your friend to download the app on their phone, enter your password, and they have the keys to your scooter. That's a cool new way to give your car keys to a friend!

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