people don't care about their tv

Dirk the Rabbit has some fantastic analysis on what we need. His review of a couple of recent surveys show that people care more about their microwave than they do about their tv.

Two interesting points made in this post:
+ The tv is seen as a delivery device. It's not the content that's unimportant, but the device no longer fits well into our routines
+ The younger the audience, the less important the land line. No surprise here, but always great to see numbers that support the trends that we tout in presentation deck slides. ;)

Also interesting that a clothes dryer ranks high on the list of "must have" devices.

1 comment:

John Burke said...

"the device no longer fits" - unquestionably as the medium is static, one way and fast becoming irrelevant.

behold socialtv. coming soon to yr house/device/wrist probably.

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