if you live in london, things are about to get tasty

Our favorite tasty internet cake making Creative Director is up to something awesome again.

Eat Your Heart Out is an event/cakeshop devoted entirely to nastily delicious cakes made only for adults. The event is taking place October 28 - 31 where 666 custom crafted scary cakes will be sold each day.

To counter balance the delicious evil, they've wrangled sponsor Alibi to be a part of the promotion, and many of the cakes will have Alibi ingredients - helping to offset some of the bad things that you may be putting into your body.

Like everything that Miss Cakehead does, you can count on this event being well photo documented to the point where you'll want to fly to London and chow down. (And if you're already there, you'd better tweet about it.)

1 comment:

Howie said...

We need to have an event like this in the states!

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