help for life's difficult decisions

You know what we need? More S.W.O.T. graphics. These quadrant styled illustrations can help us to make difficult decisions about what to do or how to evaluate things.

Like let's say that you were considering wearing a monocle. Why not? What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats? You can thank Len Kendall for producing the ultimate Tumblr devoted entirely to S.W.O.T graphs.

At S.W.O.T. Life, you'll find the monocle evaluation, plus countless other valuable and inspiring graphics. You can even submit your own. SWOT awesome. From @satisfeye

1 comment:

Len Kendall said...

I appreciate you posting my ridiculous weekend project on your site. Undeserved, but appreciated.

Hope to see a SWOT submission from you at some point.

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