vampire doughnuts: a lesson in parenting, product development and creative inspiration

Our friend Scotty Hendo has a beautiful story to share that proves anything is possible.

Scott's kid had a fun idea, and in less than 24 hours, they brought it to life. In a world where everything requires 90 day production schedules, meetings of committees about conference calls, and PowerPoint decks confirming research...isn't it refreshing to know that you are probably connected to the very people that can make something

We're inspired by Scott's story for a few reasons:
+ He's taught his kid that anything is possible, and illustrated how to bring ideas to life
+ He's realized the power of a network of friends who are only an email, tweet or drive away that can lend a hand
+ He's explored a creative idea just for the fun of it

Who knows what's next for Vampire Doughnuts...but for now, they've shown all of us the power of creative exploration. Nice job, Scott & Son!

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