toyota glass of water: all kinds of awesome

Toyota has created a new iphone app called Glass of Water that looks to be absolutely phenomenal.

There are at least four points of awesome about this promotion:
1. The app can be used by the driver of any car...but they'll be thinking of Toyota the entire time.

2. They've successfully created technology that impacts the driver experience without touching the car. This is somewhat revolutionary, as car makers are typically stuck behind a long production curve with auto design, that doesn't allow fresh to market technology in their vehicles. That's why the hard drive in your car's MP3 player will always seem small compared to the newest iPod. This app has broken down that wall.

3. The look and feel is completely unexpected (and fresh!) for a Toyota promotion. It's good to step out of the tried and true every once in a while.

4. As Ben Kunz points out, it's absolute marketing genius.

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