the three greatest bloggers on earth

I'd like to thank the three greatest bloggers in the world for lifting Brand Flakes for Breakfast to new heights over the last two weeks.

If you've been keeping up with what's important, you already know that I spent the last 14 days on the road with Humongo Nation, a most excellent rolling demonstration of social media that's profiling some of the most remarkable innovators in our nation.

While I was out, Ben Kunz, Bill Green and Ask Dabitch filled in as guest bloggers for Brand Flakes.

Here's what they accomplished:
+ Brand Flakes posts over the last two weeks have generated more comments than ever before in Brand Flakes history. (And we've been blogging since before blogging was cool.) What does this mean? They've created content that's conversational, engaging and worthy of discussion.

+ Elevated Brand Flakes for Breakfast to its highest chart position ever on the Advertising Age Hot 150 blog chart. We're hanging with the popular crowd, now.

+ Tested the limits of work-safe headlines. You've enjoyed posts with headlines about sex, bikinis, flamethrowers, death, religion, hot chicks, and...nut blaster penetrating oil. That ought to be good for Google juice ;)

Have you fallen in love with their awesome posts? Not to worry - they're already writing a boatload of internet pleasure for your enjoyment. Add their blogs to your daily routine, right alongside Brand Flakes:
Thought Gadgets
Make the Logo Bigger

Ben, Bill, Ask - thank you so much for taking over, and not (entirely) burning down the house or hurting anyone (that we know of.)

I'll be jumping back into action now, with some awesome Brand Flakes for Breakfast morning internet goodness, including a recap of some of the most remarkable moments from Humongo Nation.


Anonymous said...

Ask broke your favorite lamp and Ben had friends over. (You might wanna check the cat—it’s still making a funny noise.)

Åsk Dabitch said...

Don't check under the couch pillow. Bill had beer and popcorn in his lap when he fell asleep. Couldn't de-stain it.

Howie said...

Bill you look like you can be the bouncer at my next Light Switch Rave Party!

Also great party's! So said your parents are back. Hope they don't look for Nut Blaster Penetrating Oil because I think it wound up in the bushes with Chris's bean bag chair.

Does this mean the rating are going into free fall now?

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