social media metrics done easy

The social media monitoring business is a fast changing beast of confusion. There's so much to choose from that it can leave a Marketing Manager dizzy. From robust free web-based tools, to systems that cost brands thousands of dollars a month.

Enter Looxii. Here's a tool that falls just where you need it, at a price point that's not ridiculous.

Want to see what it does? They've taken the most random, unexpected topic...Pauly Shore...and created a sample traffic report for your review.

Want to see more? They have free levels of service in addition to different tiers of reporting that top out at $20/month. That's a smart business model that's similar to 37 Signals and other successful social products.

Seems like a smart move at just the right time, and puts them in a sweet spot to become a metrics super-power. We like.

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duanebrown said...

This is a great post. I’ve been building asocial media monitoring list based on purely paid monitoring tools since June of 2009 and can’t believe I’ve found over 70 spanning the globe.

It’ll be great to see how this field grows as more merges happens and we get more sophisticated.

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