people aren't going to your microsite

There's a lot of talk on the internet about how we're using the internet, and how the web is no longer the primary manner in which we explore the magical tubes of information.

Internet smart-man Chris Anderson shows how applications, RSS readers, social tools and other methods of internet use are pulling our attention from the traditional web.

Why should you care? Because your campaign microsite is becoming less important. Because your customers are now in multiple places. Because you'll need to find ways to connect with your audience wherever they are...even if it's not on the web.

There's some great discussion over at Boing Boing on how this chart may not be entirely accurate because of how bandwidth is consumed, video is also a part of the "web" and some other good points, but one thing is certain: the web ain't what it used to be.


Ben Kunz said...

The flip side is microsites are even more important -- but a lot of them, creating a huge presence and multiple paths for people to find you, since any single site will be stale. Since prices for such creative are falling (um, right? ;) ) marketers should launch them like ad inventory itself, again and again.

The Toyota water-spill-glass thing was just such a venture, a little pop of awareness that adds to Toyota's presence. Get selling, there, Humongo, marketers need more.

darryl ohrt said...

Not sure I agree.

I'm not saying that microsites are going away - only that the hub and spoke model no longer works. Used to be that the microsite was the hub, and everything else drove to it.

I think the landscape is more complicated now, and the ultimate destination varies greatly within any audience.

So for me, this doesn't spell the end of the microsite - but the end of the "hub".

Toyota's water-spill-glass thing is a good example. The core piece there is an APP. Not the microsite. But yes, there's also a microsite, and I would assume a Facebook page, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So maybe the answer IS inventory - but not JUST on the web. Inventory on the web, on Facebook, on the iPad, on mobile, on Twitter, via RSS, etc...

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