just because they use social media buzzwords, doesn't mean they "get" it...

We get plenty of "blogger reach out" communications from people pitching their campaigns for possible feature on Brand Flakes for Breakfast. The other day we received a sad, sad PR release from an agency attempting to show they world that they're social media "experts".

The agency is launching a promotion to "thank its loyal fan and follower base". The promotion? A chance at a $25 iTunes gift card, if you "like" them on Facebook.

This is in celebration of their being in "the forefront of all things social media and has implemented a plethora of campaigns for clients across several sectors, adding legitimacy to its continuing social media practice."

+ They're giving away a single $25 gift card - and sent a press release to announce this.
+ They're "thanking their loyal fan base" with...a giveaway? Really?

The release goes on to include several quotes with absolutely no meaning. This one's a gem:

“Needless to say, this is also an opportunity to grow our communities,” said (name removed). “The broader our online followers, the more we enrich our efforts to bring more brand awareness for our clients on the Interwebs.”

Here's a lesson to learn from this agency:
+ If you don't know something, don't pretend that you do. That may have worked in the olden days, but in the internet age, we can spot a fake from a mile away.
+ Before you spend time and money launching a PR initiative, think hard about whether or not your nugget of information is actually newsworthy. (A $25 giveaway is not.)
+ Just because agencies have PowerPoint decks with social media buzzwords, doesn't mean they get it. Before you hire someone to produce anything for your brand, spend time reading their materials. If it's filled with a bunch of fluff that says nothing, move on.

(I've chosen not to name or link to the agency mentioned, as I believe they've already done enough damage just sending the release to bloggers. Additional ridicule wouldn't benefit Brand Flakes readers or the agency in question.)


Howie said...

Once an Angry Punk always an Angry Punk. You just hit them over the head with your Mic! LOL

Erik Shultz said...

Social Media is an art form that some do not grasp or even understand. But, lets throw money at it and see what sticks :)

Gray Dudek said...

Couldn't agree more with this. I am bored of hearing some agencies saying the word 'social media' and all of a sudden thinking they are 'in the game'. Good on you for posting this, name and shame I say (personally) as this will make people think before trying...

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